I Guess the Census is Important

I am imagining 40 people in a room and 15 people are asking the same questions. “What is the Census?”. After ignoring a majority of them I decide to finally answer the question. Only because I feel like every single one of them would run a marathon just to find out. 

So, what is the Census? It is a U.S. government law that was passed in 1790. 229 years ago. So when my great great great great great grandparents were alive. But they were not counted because they were in Alaska or Russia. 

Filling out the Census is required by law to be filled out by every household in the U.S. who should always count every living human being living under their roof. Whether it is a newborn baby, your great Grandmother, or your old friend who has been living with you for a year and a half. Where you are, where you live, and who you’re living with are important. Everyone counts and it is the U.S. Census’ goal to count everyone once, only once and in the right place. 

Alaska is going broke. The U.S. is in debt. Who isn’t at this point? Same, Gov, same. Depending on the population of the state, the federal government funds a state a percentage of $675 billion dollars. The percentage of that money goes to projects in social services such as hospitals, road construction, education, housing and more. In 2010, Alaska got a hold of $3.2 billion dollars. That money went into program obligations for Alaska, such as SNAP, Medicaid, Loans, Grants, education funding, housing, youth activities, adoption assistance, WIC, and much more. For more information on where the money goes, here’s the pdf.

“It might give us money, but I didn’t fill it out in 2010”

The money and resources that the rest of the population took in 2010 is used throughout the 10 years until the next Census. So the 2020 funding will be used from 2020-2030

Filling out the Census is important, and I don’t think I, AkPIRG, Census Bureau, CCC’s can stress that enough. 

You, your mother, your father, your friend, whoever is the head of household, MUST fill out the Census 2020. This was information but hopefully it was a little informative and fun to read. Logging out. 

Check out the Alaskacounts.org website and find more information there!