Alaska Census 2020 & Redestricting.


Census 2020

The decennial census will occur in 2020 and the results will be used to determine apportionment of seats allocated to the states for the House of Representatives. The data is also used by the State of Alaska for redistricting. 

"The Redistricting Board shall reapportion the house of representatives and the senate immediately following the official reporting of each decennial census of the United States. Reapportionment shall be based upon the population within each house and senate district as reported by the official decennial census of the United States. The Redistricting Board shall establish forty house districts, with each house district to elect one member of the house of representatives. The board shall establish twenty senate districts, each composed of two house districts, with each senate district to elect one senator. "



What we’re working on:


Census Education

AkPIRG is working with other Alaskan organizations to raise awareness about Alaska-specific challenges and solutions for the 2020 Census.


Redistricting Best Practices

With the mid-term elections, the legislators who will decide the next round of redistricting in Alaska will be voted in to office. It is crucial to be able to provide these decision-makers with good information and best practices on creating fair, non-discriminatory redistricting.



AkPIRG holds those working on the census and redistricting accountable to administering a process that includes the public.