The Facts: Alaska

Geographic and cultural diversity means Alaska has unique consumer needs.

The vast majority of Alaska's communities are not connected to the road system. All of Alaska's communities are geographically distant from lower-48 supply chains. These facts present a variety of consumer-based challenges for Alaskans. AKPIRG believes that all Alaskans, regardless of where they live, deserve strong consumer protections.

Alaskan Consumers

Image credit: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Image credit: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development


Voters in Alaska

There is a strong need for non-partisan public interest and consumer advocacy in Alaska.

The majority of registered voters in Alaska are not affiliated with a political party. In the 2016 general election only 60% of eligible voters in Alaska cast a ballot. Participation in primary and municipal elections is far lower. AKPIRG believes well-informed civic participation is essential to a working democracy.

532,368 voters as of May 3, 2018


Population Demographics

Alaska is the largest state in the country and has one of the smallest populations.

Having a small, diverse population spread out in the largest state in America means we have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to standing up against moneyed and powerful special interests in support of public interests. AKPIRG believes an engaged statewide membership base is critical to achieving our mission.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates as of July 1, 2017 Alaska's total population was 739,795