AkPIRG supports the ML&P and Chugach merger.

“Most importantly, this merger reflects the wishes of consumers. Both the Municipality of Anchorage and Chugach Electric have made assurances that no property tax or rate increases are needed to pay for this transaction. And the operation of ML&P will still be held accountable to those who receive its power, through Chugach’s cooperative model. This merging of two electric utilities in a relatively small electric market is a reflection of the wishes of Anchorage residents over the past few decades. This was codified in the 2018 municipal election in Proposition 10. “

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AkPIRG public comment for the Regulatory Commission of Alaska

From October 24, 2018’s RCA meeting.

AkPIRG is primarily concerned with the group of organizations and interests who will participate in the Railbelt Reliability Council (RRC), including future regional integrated resource planning efforts. AkPIRG is concerned that interests other than those of utilities may be sidelined.

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Source: http://rca.alaska.gov/RCAWeb/ViewFile.aspx...