Alaskan Organizations and Elected Leaders Support Safe Debt Collection Practices

“All too often, debt collection practices can be harmful, predatory, and unfair. Debt collectors can be abusive and threatening. Sometimes, collectors will text and call consumers to the point where their phone plan maxes out, making it impossible to receive texts or calls from their lawyers. When they reach debtors, debt collectors will harass individuals endlessly. The Association of Credit and Collection professionals reported they called American consumers over one billion times in a year. Collectors will illegally threaten co-workers or family members on the phone. For active service members, debt collectors will call commanding officers to tell them about outstanding debts. Often, debt collectors will threaten criminal retribution, when debt collection is a civil matter. One Alaskan constituent reported that a debt collector found his home address and threatened to call the police if he didn’t pay his debt in full in the next 30 minutes. Under the FDCPA that threat is abusive, misleading, and illegal. The new CFPB rule continues to permit violations of consumer privacy, respect, as well as job security, and must be revised. “

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