AKPIRG's Goals

  1. Advocate economic fairness for all Alaskans.
  2. Support informed civic engagement to sustain a healthy democracy.
  3. Promote transparency and accountability in government.
  4. Advocate for public and consumer interests.

Check out our current Priority Issues:

Our Board determines AKPIRG's priority issues based on organizational capacity, need, and public interest. We also regularly partner with grassroots, local, and national groups on consumer and public interest issues to increase our collective effectiveness.


Open internet

Internet service is frequently unreliable and expensive throughout Alaska; however, internet is increasingly an essential tool for education, basic services, economic endeavors, and research. Threats to Net Neutrality protections will only exacerbate the existing struggles with internet access in Alaska at the expense of consumers. Alaskans deserve reliable, affordable, and open internet.


Census 2020 & Redistricting

Every individual in Alaska will be impacted by the decennial census. This data will determine election maps, guide public policy, and drive funding decisions for years. It's critical to public interest that the census and any subsequent redistricting processes be conducted with integrity and transparency.  

Wind Turbines.jpeg

Utility Efficiency

Alaskans pay among the highest prices in the country for energy. These costs to consumers can be reduced through improved system efficiencies and development of the renewable industry in Alaska.


Are we missing something?

Send us a message below if there's a consumer or public interest issues impacting Alaskans that you don't see on our site that you believe AKPIRG should be aware of! 

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