Utility Efficiency.


The railbelt region encompasses the service areas of six regulated public utilities that extend from Fairbanks to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.  Sixty five percent of Alaska's population lives within the railbelt region and each utility has their own source of power generation despite this generation capacity being far greater than user demand. A cooperative agreement among the utilities  is needed to allow cost and energy efficiency gains by drawing power from the most efficient source on the railbelt grid. 


What we’re working on:


Raising public awareness.

Utility efficiency affects most Alaskans but current practices are underreported to consumers.


Building a coalition of concerned citizens.

AkPIRG is working with other concerned groups to grow a public base of utility efficiency-oriented citizens.


Advocating for a regional system operator and central system transmission.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska is currently in hearings on the creation of an Independent System Operator; AkPIRG is working to promote awareness and provide public comment on this process.