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There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.
— Ralph Nader, Co-founder

AKPIRG's Goals

  1. Advocate economic fairness for all Alaskans.

  2. Support informed civic engagement to sustain a healthy democracy.

  3. Promote transparency and accountability in government.

  4. Advocate for public and consumer interests.

Our Mission

AkPIRG is the only consumer advocacy and research organization in the state. We are non-partisan and focus on consumer and good governance issues, especially when inconsistent with moneyed, powerful or other special interests.

Our Organization

In 1974 a small group of Alaskans formed a non-profit to protect consumers from big businesses intent on taking advantage of their customers in the name of profit.

We power our efforts from the grassroots and rely on a small staff with big goals and a dedicated group of board members and volunteers to fully serve our mission and its goals. Please take a few moments to find out about our latest work and how you can help.

Our Work

We recognize that Alaska is a special place to call home. Our state is rich in resources, diverse cultures, and unparalleled geography. We believe that all Alaskans have a right to participate in shaping our state's future, rather than being at the mercy of corporate or moneyed interests.

Currently our priority issues are Payday Lending, Railbelt Utility Efficiency, and the 2020 Census 2020. We also regularly partner with other local, statewide, and national organizations on broader issues such as net neutrality, money out of politics, a toxic-free Alaska, and consumer awareness. 



"We must be the great arsenal of democracy."

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alaskans gather on the Park Strip in Anchorage for the 2nd annual Women's March in early 2018 (Photo: J. Yordy)

Alaskans gather on the Park Strip in Anchorage for the 2nd annual Women's March in early 2018 (Photo: J. Yordy)


AKPIRG is committed to connecting Alaskans with reliable information about public interest and consumer issues.

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of Alaskan voters are registered non-partisan or unaffiliated.


people live in Alaska

over $12.6 million

was reported to be paid to lobbyists in Alaska for 2018.

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