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Veri di Suvero

Executive Director

Veri joined the AKPIRG team in September 2018 to serve as the Executive Director. Veri’s background is in various advocacy areas, most recently Alaska Native language revitalization and maintenance. They currently live in Anchorage.


Rochelle Adams

Indigenous Language Specialist

Rochelle Adams (Gwich’in) is from the Interior Alaskan villages of Beaver and Fort Yukon. Her parents are Angela Peter-Mayo of Fort Yukon and the late Cliff "Tuffy" Adams Jr. of Beaver. Her maternal grandparents are Susan (Lord) and Johnny Peter Sr. Her paternal grandparents are Hannah "Babe" (VanHatten) and Cliff Adams Sr.. Her children are Amaya, Koso and Leeyadaakhan. She was raised living a traditional Athabascan lifestyle with her family following the seasonal cycles of hunting, fishing and trapping off of the Yukon River. These are the values and connections that guide her today and she proudly represents this in all parts of her life and work. She is the mother of three teens, which she is raising with these same values of connectedness, love and respect. Through her many roles and actions, Rochelle has continuously sought to bring her perspective as an Indigenous woman with cultural knowledge, born of the lands and waters, training from the elders with a vision of the future generations to empower Native people everywhere.

“It’s important that we as Indigenous people are able to shape the world that we live in, to ensure our wellbeing, on our own traditional homelands and in our own languages in order to make the best decisions. I am very excited to work towards fulfilling this need with AKPIRG for our Alaskan Native language and also other languages spoken across the state, ito ensure that we all have access to necessary information around the Census and that we create a platform for the importance of inclusion.”


Nathaniel Knapp

Software Consultant

Nathaniel was born and raised in Anchorage. He studied Chemical Engineering at Yale College and Computational Science at Technische Universitaet Muenchen. In the last three years he has worked on programming and simulation design for environmental, defense, and commercial applications. As an Alaskan, Nathaniel is excited to work as a software consultant with AKPIRG. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, distance running, and cross-country skiing.


Erin Willahan

Language Access Coordination Consultant

Erin Willahan was born and raised in Anchorage within Dena'ina Ełnena (Dena'ina Lands). She holds a B.A. in International Studies and Humanities (double major) from the University of Oregon and a joint M.A. in Human Rights Policy and Practice from the University of Gothenburg, Deusto University, and the University of Roehampton.  Previously, Erin worked with the Division of Elections to improve equitable access to voting and was involved in facilitating the creation and dissemination of official election materials in 14 Alaska Native languages. She is excited to continue to expand language access in Alaska through her role with AKPIRG. In her free time, Erin is known to enjoy karaoke, magical realism, and taking the long way home. 



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Nelta Edwards

Board Chair

Nelta Edwards has been an AkPIRG board member for more than 10 years because she believes AkPIRG's mission to protect consumers from dangerous or exploitative products and to support good governance practices. She was born and raised in Anderson, Alaska, is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Alaska, Anchorage where she teaches courses on social stratification, on the sociology of gender and environmental sociology. In her spare time she likes to practice yoga, walk, jog, hike, ski, bike and swim and hang out with her family and friends.


Ira Slomski-Pritz


Ira has worked as a NOLS faculty member, co-director of the Alaska Fellows Program, and served as a policy and communications adviser to Governor Bill Walker. He lives in Anchorage and enjoys any activity that lets him play outside. 

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Lois Epstein

AKPIRG plays an essential role protecting and enhancing state and federal government practices that are responsive to public and consumer interests. Additionally, during its over forty-plus years of existence, AKPIRG has strengthened democratic engagement by Alaskans. As a board member, Lois is happy to help accomplish these important goals.


John Kennish

John is a retired Professor of Chemistry who served the students at UAA for 36 years and had over 40 publications mainly with undergraduate chemistry students.  John has been a long time board member dating back to Steve Conn's directorship.  His major concern is that members of the community are treated with fairness when accessing the businesses of Anchorage. 

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Genevieve Mina

Genevieve is a lifelong Alaskan, a proud daughter of immigrants, and cares deeply about building a bridge between policy and people. She has worked on multiple campaigns, political offices on the state and municipality level, and leads organizations that uplift underrepresented voices in government.

As a board member of AkPIRG, she is passionate about the organization's role in empowering Alaskans in a state where government and corporations largely dictate their lives.

Genevieve studied Political Science at University of Alaska Anchorage and is also a Seawolf Debate alumna. Currently, she works as a communications specialist for Alaska Primary Care Association, serves as a Board Member for The Alaska Center 501(c)(4), the Alaska Women Ascend program, the Public Transit Advisory Board for the Municipality of Anchorage, and is a member of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum and the Anchorage Mabuhay Lion's Club. Outside of obsessively following health policy and #akleg on Twitter, she enjoys thrifting, karaoke, Alaska political history, and amateur birding.


Peggy Wilcox


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